Creative Cinematic Ideas (It was a long flight about 17 hours… oh flying to Asia is so much fun)

1/200 sec at f/2.8 ISO 200 123mm

1/200 sec at f/2.8 ISO 200 123mm
Soft Focus with blown out highlights.

So my last post was geared towards beginners learning the rules of photo compositing, but here is a little bit of an advanced photography tip for compositing and creating with your camera. Watch a movie, sounds easy enough, right? So here’s the catch; watch the movie with no sound. Now I blogged about this technique once before quite some time ago, but it is worth revisiting again. I was on a Chinese flight with about 95% Chinese people so of course the in-flight movie was all Chinese. It was a long flight about 17 hours (oh flying to Asia is so much fun) and I seen about 6 movies, no sound and no English subtitles. Torturous to say the least and next time I promised myself I will pay the $200 extra and fly United.

So of the 6 movies one movie was current (at the time) Beasts of the Southern Wild. What a great movie and I never heard a word because it was overdubbed in Chinese. Apparently Chinese people would rather over dub than try to read Chinese subtitles. Anyway… I found that watching the movie with no sound was a very good way to really see the lighting and use of camera angles for every scene. I have to say I found myself really intently dissecting each scene. So much use of bokeh and rim lighting, even creative out of focus shots. Best of all everything I seen could be transferred over to photography.

Since that day of that fateful Asian flight I have made it a point to watch a few movies in silence. When I edit photos at my desktop computer I will sometimes have a movie playing on my laptop and will halfheartedly be watching it off to the side. If it is a good movie and I get drawn in I will pay attention to the movie and listen. But sometimes the movie may be boring and I’ll just hit mute and let it play. There is no guarantee of course but sometimes while the plot is not interesting the cinematic creativity that is going on could be amazing. Ever have a chance to try this, please give it a shot and see if you get a few creative ideas from it.

Thanks so much.

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