Forever A Hero (“The Chameleon” but most of all he was creative, innovative and a rock music visionary. )

Forever a  Creative Hero

Forever a Creative Hero

Very sad day when we see a soul as creative as David Bowie leave us. The boy from Brixton had a career that spanned 4 decades. For whatever reason I could not sleep last night, when I’m stressed I cannot sleep the whole night through. So I lay awake and to stop the racing of thoughts in my mind I open Instagram and see a friend from the UK had just woke to the news and was posting it. I was instantly awake and up reading the BBC news site.

Bowie always struck a strange note with me, but in a good way. When I first seen him on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (I think that was the show) in the early seventies I was a young boy just starting to learn about stage theatrics with rock bands. He looked so strange almost scary, but the music resonated and I found him interesting.

Then in the late seventies as I was a little older I came to find the already published Ziggy Stardust album and I was hooked on Bowie. Truly a performer of a thousand faces he was “The Chameleon” but most of all he was creative, innovative and a rock music visionary. As time went by I became more drawn to his creativity than just looking at him as a rock star. Just two days ago I knew it was his birthday and as I do with many of my favorite artist I will spend time listening to their songs. With Bowie I wanted to see the “Heroes” video and then I went down a rabbit hole searching out all the facts that I did not already know about the writing of the song, making of the video and most interesting was how the vocals were recorded, “Tony Visconti rigged up a system, a creative misuse of gating that may be termed “multi-latch gating” because the overall feel of the song was to be “big and grand.”

I loved many of Bowie’s songs but “Heroes” was a song that touches me personally. You know one of those songs that instantly takes you back to a really deep time in your life and pulls some special memories of a very special someone who I was involved with but it was a “never to be situation for both of us.”

Godspeed Mr. Bowie.