Faith In Humanity Restored (…or was it the fear of the bride’s mother)


The proper way to photograph the bride. Stay seated.

I really did not think it was possible, but I’m here to say it is true. People can go to a wedding and be respectful of the photographer in regards to the use of the cell phone cameras.

I recently photographed a wedding and while meeting with the bride & groom and bride’s mother, we talked about the flow of the big day. In the course of discussing my plans for the job I would perform I mentioned “cell phone cameras” and how they can be a problem… sometimes a huge problem at weddings.

In this day and age of instant gratification and self-gratification the camera in our phones has become an ingrained part of our life. With the force of social media driving us we often have no idea what the hell we are doing. Now I know that sounds harsh, but it is so true. While “yes” you know you are taking a photo of the bride and maybe your even related to her, but are the grainy, pink color-cast images that you captured going to be the ones she will use in her album? And maybe you’re really good at capturing images with your mobile device and this time you captured an awesome photo of the bride & groom. Can I ask how it will look when printed? Printed at 16×20 inches? Sure it looks good at 72 dots per inch on your phone screen, but how will it look at 300 dpi when enlarged? Are the colors correct? We all remember the “blue dress vs black dress” that burned up social media a few years back. So again I ask “do you really know what you are doing?” when you stand up and get in the way of the photographer that was hired to capture the images of the day.

But I am here to say “that did not happen at all” at this wedding. It rekindled my faith in humanity or what’s left of it, to see that everybody and I mean every guest went out of their way to not get in my way. When discussing this with the bride & groom and the bride’s mother I stated that “it is a challenge and there really isn’t much anyone can do about it because this is just how people are these days.” I stand corrected.

Now maybe… just maybe it had something to do with the little hand written signs that were posted …or was it the fear of the bride’s mother lol. She stated to me that she would tell everybody not to get in the way of the photographer. I said “yeah, lots of luck with that.” So maybe the fear of “mother of the bride” quelled the urge. Either way it was a very pleasant and fun day with normal people… well as normal as could be expected at an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding lol.