Who is Pigford? ( So now you know Pigford, my buddy and terrorizer of dogs and house guests.)

Pigford Fine Art project.

Pigford Fine Art project.

Who is “Pigford” you may ask? Pigford came to me years ago as a Christmas gift from my (at that time) girlfriend’s daughter. I’m guessing it was about 10+ years ago he appeared under the Christmas tree and has been in my home ever since. Now you must know I own a BBQ catering business and the mainstay of the business is “on-site pig roasting” and because of this many people for whatever reason feel they have to give me “pig” gifts and it is actually quite annoying. Do electricians get a piece of wire or a light switch? Do plumbers get a piece of pipe or a pipe wrench as a gift? Well I certainly hope not. With that said; I fell in love with this creepy little guy and I wouldn’t part with him for nothing. I named him Pigford and I just think he is so damn cool because the look he has epitomizes how I feel about my BBQ business. 19 years is a long haul in a business that I never intended to be in. I was laid off from a job and I used what resources were available to me to save myself from poverty and unemployment and cooking was something I knew how to do. Now today, sure I love BBQ, I love my BBQ the best; I have honed my craft over the years to be the best I can make it. Now as I move on to more creative things in life my wife and I still have the catering business and she loves it.

So to it was time for Pigford to step up. He has spent the last three years in my living room and there were times the poor guy was put into a storage unit while I was transiting from place to place. He never says much and I hope he doesn’t because that would be scary. However I wanted to use Pigford for a Fine Art project and this time I was successful. I say this time because in the past I have photographed him and it just didn’t work, it seemed dead and flat. However this time I put him in his element, a kitchen. I realized right away that this is what Pigford needed, he is a chef and he needed to look like a chef.

So I feel the final image although not 100% complete yet, it will be a great image to blog about and discuss the techniques I used for making the final image.

So now you know Pigford, my buddy and terrorizer of dogs and house guests.

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