Dark Days (when the creative light weakens)

Dark Days make you create what you feel.

Sometimes you just create what you feel… literally. Mood is the major factor in “what, when and how” most people are able to create. Stresses (or the lack of) from the outside world help set the tone or kill the creative spirit all together. Internal stresses are just as incriminating because we all know demons never sleep and they rarely take a day off. But for the strong healthy minds and souls demons are kept at bay, although there are those times we let our guard down and the demon within will rise up unexpectedly and quell your ability to create.

For me right now it is the outside stresses of the world that have all but extinguished my creative fire. You cannot control your outside world. We try to and we feel we can, but as we all know life can really come down on you sometimes and like a rainstorm it can be hard, real hard and when it’s real hard and you’re hurting from the rain… it gets even harder and yet again harder.  You feel as though you’ve done something to make God angry with you. When in reality you really cannot complain. For if you wake up breathing with two good eyes, legs, feet, hands and arms your still in the game. You just need to be stronger. Love the most those who love you back. Most of all love God and yourself.

I could list my problems and try to invoke drama but my problems are mine to solve. After all what is life? Just one problem after another, they key is to “solve the problem at hand and wait for the next one.”

Demons 10 – Me 0 (A dirty fallen angel, yet power divine.)

Demons... dirty fallen angels.

Demons… dirty fallen angels.

Some days are diamonds, but today was coal.

Demons we all have them.

Demons they’re fighting for control.

Never ending and relentless it takes its toll.

I’m a mere mortal, a fragile heart, a human soul.

Demon is not of this world, he is everlasting.

A dirty fallen angel, yet power divine.

Today is yours, tomorrow is mine.


Many people struggle with life although they may never show it.

Sorry I didn’t have a more interesting post for today. Demons 10 – Richie 0