Portrait of An Athlete ( he is well underway to carving out a name for himself in the powerlifting record books.)

Nixlot Dameus 1/125 sec at f/7.1 ISO 50 70mm

Nixlot Dameus (17 Years Old) 1/125 sec at f/7.1 ISO 50 70mm

Here is another edit from the session I had with Nixlot Dameus a few weeks back. It is extremely hard to look at this image and realize this young man is just that… A young man of only 17 years. He emigrated to the USA from Haiti. Nixlot resides in Philadelphia where he is well underway to carving out a name for himself in the powerlifting record books. He is a bodybuilder and a powerlifter and holds JR Mr. Atlas titles, he has also represented the USA at competitions in other countries. It was amazing to start off 2016 with photographing this talented athlete.

Moving Forward for 2016 (But having a big set of guns never hurts to keep the world around you in line.)

Nixlot Dameus  1/125 sec at f/7.1 ISO 50 50mm

Nixlot Dameus
1/125 sec at f/7.1 ISO 50 50mm

Keeping true to my goal for creating images with impact for 2016 I worked with an incredible young man yesterday. Nixlot Dameus a seventeen year old athlete from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Nixlot immigrated to the USA from Haiti in 2007 and he has an amazing story to tell, more about that later.

I found Nixlot when he left a comment on one of my Instagram posts several months back and I started to follow him. I found him very interesting and I could see from his postings that he was strongly dedicated to his bodybuilding and weight training. His physique is obvious proof that this young man is motivated and that is what I want for a photo shoot. I want “motivated” people and I want them for a few reasons. One reason is motivated people are usually on time and come prepared, they are interesting and always on the move and most of all they have a great attitude towards life in general. I feel making an impactful image takes more than just a good camera & lens. All the editing in the world cannot add the impact that somebody like Nixlot brings to a project. I want to promote my photographic & editing capabilities and what better way than to get interesting and motivated subjects in front of my camera. So Nixlot did not disappoint at all and we had a very creative shoot. I would like to thank my friend Brendan for offering up his studio for the project and for his amazing input and ideas, a great help indeed.

If you’re reading this post, (obviously you are lol) just take a moment to remember the name “Nixlot Dameus” because I have a very good feeling you are going to see and hear about Nixlot’s accomplishments in the not so far off future. Nixlot has an amazing story about young little boy who felt the cold evil wrath of street bullies when he first arrived in Philly. In a way it is not a new story as I think we have all heard about people who overcome being bullied through whatever means or route they chose to escape it. But in my opinion there is only one true way to disarm a bully and that is a face to face stare down. Nixlot flipped the tables on the bullies and I think it is fair to say that no street bully in his right mind would dare cross this young man. In-fact while talking with Nixlot he said he now trains some of the guys who used to bully him. There really is a lot to be said for the power of love in this world, love yourself, love your family & god, and love all others too. But having a big set of guns never hurts to keep the world around you in line.

Nixlot is already an accomplished record-setting power lifting and bodybuilding athlete at his young age of 17 years old. Read more about his story here http://articles.philly.com/2015-11-01/sports/67904486_1_bodybuilding-haiti-marie-innocent

Happy New Year 2014 (it’s what you “need” to do, not what you “want” to do) Make It A Great Year

New Year 2014 Facebook Cover

So this will be my last blog post of 2013. I still contend that I am the world’s worst blogger, but I hold hopes that 2014 will be a better year for both my blogging and my photography. At this time I am setting goals for 2014, both business & personal. No I am not making any New Year resolutions; I like to call them goals. Somehow that whole “resolution” thing ends up by the wayside about 3 weeks into the New Year. Goals seem more practical, realistic and obtainable. I have in the past achieved goals that I set going into the New Year. Thinking back to 1990 and again in 1996, 1999 & 2000 I really impressed myself with goals I had set and surpassed before years end. It is all about mind set, determination and want. After all I think everyone knows all about determination or the lack of, everyone has read motivational books and or sat through a super charged motivational speech. I know I have. Funny thing is in all the great goals I have accomplished in my life, a book or a speech had very little to do with it. It just seemed I had the mind set to, set out and do whatever it was I was trying to do. And maybe “trying” is the wrong word because “trying” is always a feeling of “ok I’ve had enough” and then you quite. I find it to be more of a “this is what I have to do” feeling, kind of like getting up and shaving and brushing your teeth. Don’t complicate it with books and speeches, just do it and plan to keep on doing it. Of course “life can sometimes rob us of our motivation and cloud our mindset and we end up sitting here blogging or reading about what we need to do. Some goals I have accomplished in the past were weight loss, business achievements, stop smoking and many more. I remember in 1996 I set a goal to ride 1000 miles on my bicycle and like weight loss I kept a journal of all my rides. I rode well over 1000 miles that year and it was not hard at all. That goal by the way was spawned from the fact I had paid almost $1800 for a new bike and although I felt that I really wanted the bike, I also felt I had to justify the purchase. There was a lot of collateral damage from that goal of riding 1000 miles. I lost 86 lbs of body weight. I had never set a goal for weight loss that year, but it happened anyway.  (Funny how that works lol.)

So all I have to say is spread your wings and fly into 2014 with strength and power. Think of what you need to do, not what you want to do. Think about that for a minute, what you need not what you want. Write your goals down, keep track of progress and celebrate those small achievements as you head towards the grand finally. The only real challenge is you lack of wanting what you need and of course the challenge of everyday life. We have all heard it said “don’t let life happen, make life happen.” Happy New Year everybody be safe and well.