Sinister Clown in Renaissance Context (…To be able to work with such a person is a true pleasure.)

Sinister Clown 1/125 sec at f/7.1 ISO 50 88mm Model Nicole Gallagher, Makeup Artist Jade Alexandra Brown, Photographer Richie Smith Jr

Sinister Clown 1/125 sec at f/7.1 ISO 50 88mm
Model Nicole Gallagher, Makeup Artist Jade Alexandra Brown, Photographer Richie Smith Jr

Sinister clown shoot is done! Yay team! Yes it was a team effort as it should be and it was a lot of fun. Our model Nicole Gallagher sat through an intense and extensive 3 hour makeup process. Our makeup artist Jade Alexandra Brown and her assistant Jordan applied a stellar HD look that was nothing short of amazing. The look was exactly what I wanted.

So the look was inspired by the images of the new “Pennywise the dancing clown” that will appear in the remake of the Stephen King novel titled “IT” that will be released in 2017. However in my conversations with Jade I stated that I wanted to make it our own look and not an exact replica. Jade did exactly that and I was awe-struck.

The wardrobe was a renaissance period piece that was rented from OSF Costume Rentals out of Talent, OR. Bruce hooked me up and the personal service was nothing short of amazing. He helped me with shirt choice and shoes. Although I ended up pulling boots from my own model wardrobe stash. The inspiration behind the renaissance  look came from Sacha Goldberger a photographer who had shot all the superheroes and villains in period renaissance attire. I thought it would be nice to bring that little piece of inspiration to this project as well.

The shoot started with portrait lighting and meandered through different creative lighting styles, some as simple as one speedlight placed on the floor. Other styles were more complex using strobes & colored gels, softboxes with grids and more. There was a short outdoor portion that used available light and some fill flash using a hand-held speedlight.

But once back in the studio things kicked into high gear and the really creative shots started to come together. Side lighting achieved with strip boxes & grids and was the most awesome shots of the whole session.

The shoot was not without incident; Jade’s airbrush crapped out half way through her application, although she worked her magic and recovered quite well. I on the other hand dropped a Paul C Buff Einstein 640 strobe while I was removing it from a softbox. I could not catch it, although I did slow the fall enough to dampen the blow. However it loosened the Pyrex dome that covers the flash tube and then the dome fell and shattered. $10 for the dome is not too bad vs $500+ for the strobe. The strobe worked fine just a little brighter lol.

In the end we were all ready to call it a day and we did. Kudos to Nicole for sitting all that time without as much as a whimper and huge props to Jade & Jordan. Jade is a true creative and a talent. To be able to work with such a person is a true pleasure. Thank you Jade and Nicole. Also many big thanks to “Tiny” my assistant who is like having not one, but two right arms. Tiny would always be there when you need him, the perfect assistant.

Please enjoy the image and there will be more and hopefully an image that will have some “pink” for breast cancer awareness. Thanks so much for reading.

Meet Melina Martin model/actress (I found the town had been overrun with white legs… everywhere. )


1/100 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 200mm

Melina Martin 1/100 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 200mm

Meet Melina Martin Philly based model/actress. I think we’ll see a lot more from Melina in the future. Her test shoot went very well. She has lots of confidence, eager to learn and a warm easy-going personality. We enjoyed the warm spring afternoon as it was perfect for an outdoor shoot. Not too hot, not too cold and no bugs lol. I intended to shoot around Lambertville and do a “street walk” style shoot. This style shoot will really test the model if she is new because she will be right out where people can see her. Crazy I know, but it can really produce some nice images with a “Street Photography” style to them. I don’t do this with just any model, but when they are studying acting as Melina is, most can handle it. I use my classic line “are you nervous” (they always say yes) then I say “so act like you’re a model doing a model shoot.” And really it most times makes them laugh, it also makes them think “this photographer is an asshole” but I always win them over with humor.

However on this day I did not get to use my classic line. I went to scout the town in the morning and I found the town had been overrun with white legs… everywhere. There were white leg cyclists, white leg joggers, white leg walkers and because the weather was nice and being a somewhat touristy town… essentially the town was crowded. Crowded to the point I was uncomfortable and this was two hours before Melina was due to arrive from Philadelphia. So I said nix nix and we went two miles north to the next river town of Stockton. What a beautiful little town, named after one of our forefathers Richard Stockton I love this place… plus I grew up just outside of Stockton so I guess I’m biased to say the least. But I really did want to shoot in Lambertville because it has a lot of character… and it has a lot of characters wandering the streets lol.

So we captured our images at the old Prallsville Mill at the north end of Stockton. A few fishermen and fisher boys and a few dog walkers, not too many people around. Some music broke out at one point when a band started up and we just headed to a private out-of-the-way area by the old quarry house and finished in the old quarry house/office after Melina had noticed the door was unlocked. So in the end we had a great shoot with good weather and nobody to bother us. Now off to the edits.


Thanks so much and have a great day.

1/30 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 160mm

1/30 sec f/3.2 ISO 100 160mm (not bad for a slow shutter speed)