Photo of The Day (Put Emotions Aside And Stand Your Ground)

Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground! Model Danny Sturdivant

This photo shoot was a lot of fun, the studio was so cold that morning and poor little Danny was frozen. Then we put her in the emoji outfit and I asked her to start going through different emotions. For a little girl she sure gives a mean-ass look when I asked for “angry.”


Pavilion of The Enlightened (literally a maze of walkways over the water.)

Pavilion of The Enlightened located in Ancient Siam City, Bangkok Thailand.

Pavilion of The Enlightened located in Ancient Siam City, Bangkok Thailand.

He we see an image of the Pavilion of The Enlightened located in Ancient Siam  also known as Ancient City. Ancient Siam is a 200 acre outdoor museum located in the Samut Prakan province of Thailand and is a photographer’s paradise. Pavilion of The Enlightened is #110 on the Ancient Siam map for those who are looking to put it on their photography list. My visit there was in December 2014 the last day of my trip and what an amazing day it was. Sadly I took so many photos I could not edit them all, but this was also a good thing, because I every so often pull a set of RAW files out and run them through Photoshop’s HDR Pro and have some fun.

This photograph was a seven bracket HDR and it was shot towards the end of the day. I had rented a golf cart for the day and as I was approaching the Pavilion I was once again taken by the amazing scene, the colors are mostly Green & Yellow and the whole structure sits above the water. Although I captured many angles I really feel I did not capture the best angle of the structure and this would be due in part that I was tired and just plain wore out from not only the day of shooting, but also from my whole trip. I had been in Thailand for about a month and I was looking forward to going home.

My visit to Ancient Siam was a last-minute “on a whim” visit and I did not know what I was in for. When I arrived I almost did not rent a golf cart, thinking I could use the exercise, but in a moment of clarity I thought “hey wait a minute… if there are golf carts here then they are here for a reason.” If you ever visit and your there for photography please take my advise and rent the cart, no matter what your physical shape you’ll be glad you did because the place is huge. I really do not remember any other place I have ever been to shoot for “just the fun of it” and actually got tired of shooting amazing structures. After a while I was saying to myself “ok, I’m done this is the last one and then I would round the corner on the cart… OMG look at this, I just have to get shot of this. Yeah it really was a lot of fun.

There are basically three styles of structures Replicas of Original, Reconstructed Original and Creative Design. The Pavilion of The Enlightened is a creative design and is literally a maze of walkways over the water.

Ebony Autumn Beauty (but for my model it meant goose bumps o’plenty and uncontrollable shivers.)

1/80 sec at f/16 ISO 50 153mm

1/80 sec at f/16 ISO 50 153mm

From today’s shoot with NYC area teen model Danny Sturdivant. We had a rough start to the day… there was no heat in the studio. For me that mean a little bit of a chill, but for my model it meant goose bumps o’plenty and uncontrollable shivers. Danny was a true professional and pushed through. We wrapped the the model in warm blankets and pushed on.

We had the ever so talented Ambre Baxter for our makeup work today and as always she delivered a beautiful look to Danny’s face and Ambre helped with styling. The autumn headpiece was made by yours truly. I really wanted to do a floral headpiece similar to the one I shot last year. But this year I chose muted colors because I felt they really went well with the ebony skin tones. There is very little color adjustment made to this photo. Skin was retouched minimally because Danny has nice skin. The main adjustment was a little pull of the vibrance slider to the minus side (Lightroom CC) to give the muted look a little extra tweak.

We shot several looks that will appear here on the blog in the coming days. We really wanted an “outdoor” autumn shoot, however the weather did not want to play along with our plan, so we changed things up at the last-minute and went into the studio for the day. Great shoot, good times and most of all lots of fun and high energy.