Step Inside My Head (…that box lacks all creativity. Simply put “that box sucks.)


A rather dark and creepy edit from the Scarecrow shoot.

Ok so I want to let you inside my mind to see where I draw some of my inspiration from. Scary place inside my head… As an artist or photographic artist or whatever you want to call me, I find inspiration in strange places and this, in and of its self is nothing new, many artists do the same. And I can’t tell you all of, and where I find the inspiration because most times I never know when it is going to happen. But the one thing I do know is I have to step out of that box I have been cast or damned to live in. The box that says “50 year old white guy must dwell in here.” I hate that box, that box will make me old before my time and that box lacks all creativity. Simply put “that box sucks.” Now with that said I try not to run around dressing like I’m in my twenties or dying the two hairs I have left pink. But I just don’t want to go back to that box and that is where my photography and Photoshop let me escape and let me feel freedom.

So last October I had done a photo shoot with one of my favorite models, the amazing Kendall Strampel. We dressed Kendall up as a scarecrow and the whole thing was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs. While doing the edits I had really went to a strange place with a few of the edits and when letting another well respected artist view them I was looked at like “I had just killed a puppy” or something. My friend just looked and said why? Why would you do this to this beautiful face? But I had just seen a video a few weeks earlier and it kept playing through my mind and I guess a little piece of that video flew out and landed in my edits. So here is the video that inspired the craziness. I’ll bet that like me you will be mesmerized and want to stop it… but you won’t… you sicko lol.