Romancing With Film (…he posted an image that just captured my photographic heart.) Part 2

Shot on CineStill ISO 50 film using a Leica M3 with a 50mm. Photo credit Madajoshua on Instagram.

Shot on CineStill ISO 50 film using a Leica M3 with a 50mm. Photo credit Madajoshua on Instagram.

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So the other day he posted an image that just captured my photographic heart (see above). Sure there was a very beautiful lady in the photo, but that was secondary to what was pulling me into this image. It is Instagram… you look at something for a second or two and you move on, not to mention I look at hundreds of images every single day. But this crazy photo was stuck in my mind; I kept going back to it throughout the day. Finally I private messaged Joshua and inquired about the photo. He said it was shot on film. “No way” I replied. He said all his images are shot on film and I was blown away. He shoots with a Leica M3 camera and a 50mm lens, certainly a classic film camera that has a stellar performance. His image encouraged me to revisit film shooting once again.

So this weekend I will play around some more with film. I say “play” because digital is where I make my images and that is where my creative heart & mind is at this time. However it really is fun shooting a little film now and again. It gets really fun when I shoot a person who has never held a film camera nor has ever had their photo taken on film. Even funnier is when I push the shutter and the person asks to see the image on the back of the camera. I show them the back of the camera and the look on their face is priceless. Then they ask “how do you see the photo” and I reply “you don’t it’s a guessing game.” lol Even myself it is natural reaction now to push the shutter and look at the back of the camera… only to see… “the back of the camera.” 🙂

Romancing With Film (…I never intended to put film in the cameras.) Film fun part 1

Kendall shot with a Canon 650D film body and a EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM IS II lens. Fuji ISO 200 color film. Cropped and minor color edit in Lightroom.

Kendall shot with a Canon 650D film body and a EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM IS II lens. Fuji ISO 200 color film. Cropped and minor color edit in Lightroom.

Remember the film days? We have been digital for many years now. I stopped shooting film back in 1999, hard to believe it has been that long. So August I had purchased a few old Pentax cameras off eBay to be used as props in a photo shoot and I never intended to put film in the cameras. However when the second camera arrived it had a roll of unused film inside and that got me wondering. I started to think about the film days and how much of a struggle it was for me. Of course as time passed I was leaning more and more about all aspects of photography and then along came digital. So things became a little easier and a lot more creative. Because as time passed I found Photoshop and I found a creative medium that was for me.

So I though “hey it will be fun to run a few rolls through these old cameras.” I picked up some black and white film and went out and enjoyed me little romance with a Pentax Spotmatic and an ME. Then it bit me a little and for $26 I bought a Canon 650D film camera. Nothing special about the 650D other than the nostalgia that they (whoever they are) claim the very first photo uploaded to the internet was shot with a Canon 650D. Best part about the 650D is all my current Canon EF lenses fit and focus on this body.

So back last September while shooting with the amazing Kendall Strampel we had a little fun and in the middle of a planned shoot we took a little side trip and played for a few minutes with the film cameras. I handed a Pentax to Kendall to use as a prop and I put my awesome 70-200mm f/2.8L on the 650D and fired off a few frames of Fuji ISO 200 color film. I later finished the roll while shooting Melina Martin in the studio back in March.

Now today we do have the option to scan the negatives into out computer and then edit in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Ok so I thought it would end there, but it didn’t. (To be continued)


Split tone edit in Lightroom.


Split tone edit in Lightroom.


Canon 650D, Fuji film no editing.


A lite cross process edit using Photoshop.

Canon 650D, Fuji film with basic color edit in Photoshop.


A Romantic Tale (young, free, adventurous and traveling the world with a female companion… taking photographs all along the way.

Istanbul circa 1974

Istanbul circa 1974

Now that it is complete I would like to share with you a project that I had worked on for another photographer. Harvey Davidowitz had asked me back in February of 2014 if I would like to edit some black & white images he was having problems with. At first I thought they were digital. When I received the files I realized that this was going to be a photo restoration project. While the images I received were in digital form they were actually scans of black and white prints from years gone by. Some images had problems with scratches, bends in the paper and more, and because the end result was that they were going to print in a book they all needed to be somewhat close in they’re toning.


While I have done photo restorations in the past I never really had to worry about toning a whole set of images to be the same. This was not out of the realm of my Photoshop skills, but it was daunting nonetheless.

The book: Harvey has quite an interesting story to tell with his images.

The year is 1973-74 and Harvey takes two huge overseas trips, the second of which is the chance of a lifetime trip. Receiving an offer to work for the assistant dean of Chapman University’s World Campus Afloat, it was an around world educational cruise. Having a boss who would not let him take a leave of absence Harvey just quit his job as a pharmacist and became a passenger. And being a photographer he brought a darkroom with him. He packed a darkroom in a suitcase and away he went.

Now I have heard most of his story told to me in person and it really is a romantic tale, to be young, free, adventurous and traveling the world with a female companion… and taking photographs all along the way. Truly is a dream for anyone. Now cut to decades later Harvey decides he would like to produce a book of these images and he asked me for technical help.

So today much to my surprise I reached in the mailbox and pulled out a package… hummm I did not order anything? It was like Christmas morning when I opened the package and seen a fresh copy of the book with a personal message hand written inside the front cover. Very touching and so nice to see Harvey’s project complete.

See Harvey’s color images at


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