Poor Santa (It is a time when mother and father are everything to our little hearts and souls.)

Poor Santa Claus

Poor Santa Claus

Poor Santa Claus… The day after Christmas for him is akin to a 48 hour rave in the Red Light district. He is depleted of all energy, looking thin and disheveled he sits and tries to decompress. Thinking of a warm beach far away from everyone, battered from the non-believers, naysayers, and the elements of Mother Nature he just sits and stares. His mind drifts back to a time when life was harder but thoughts of Christmas were softer and filled with the joy of giving someone a gift and not a gift card. He knows full well if it wasn’t for children he would cease to exist. But he does exist, he beats the odds and returns each year, no matter how politically correct the world becomes and how much evil tries to topple him; For as long as there is a child with a smile a Christmas wish in his or her heart Santa Claus will return.

I have talked at length with Santa and the one thing that makes us both shed a tear is to see a child who is not healthy enough to enjoy Christmas. Christians will be celebrating their savior’s birth. But for all children Christmas is a celebration of innocence. It is a time of our life which we all passed through called childhood and it is supposed to be filled with innocence and to be oblivious to the cruel realities of the world. A time when mother and father’s love is craved and nothing could be greater. It is a time when mother and father are everything to our little hearts and souls.

So to see a child that cannot enjoy that holy innocence due to sickness or abuse or poverty really tears at my heart. Christmas is a time of the year when many people dig deep and give donations to charity. Please all Santa and I ask is that you help at the very least just one small child to have a good Christmas. Because when you make that child smile you breathe life to Santa Claus. Long live Santa Claus!

On The Road To Ban Khamin (but there is nothing there… or is there?)



I was thinking about all my friends and family in Thailand. Thoughts of this wonderful country road is my happy place. I dream many times of riding down this road on a motorbike. This actual spot is a small junction. I was riding along on a beautiful sunny afternoon (December 2, 2014 at 12:08pm to be exact) and I decided to just stop. I wanted to see what was there. Most people would look around and say “there is nothing here.” There was no houses or buildings just the road and another smaller road (path) the led out into the riceland. But that “nothing” was so much there for me. No traffic, well other than an occasional passer by on foot or motorbike. But most of all it was void of all modern civilization. There was only the sound of 100% pure untouched nature. No planes in the sky, no distant noise of a highway just peacefulness. Now I know we have places like this in the USA and I’m not at all knocking the USA. But to get to a place like this when I was I young boy growing up in Delaware Township all I had to do was walk out my front door. But those days are long gone here in New Jersey and really try and find a place anywhere that you will not at some point hear the distant roar of a jet overhead is really kind of impossible. But this place is about a few minutes away from our house in the village. I love the USA, but how I long for this place to just sit and feel the warm sun on my face and listen to nature.


International Day of Happiness (make the choice tomorrow, be happy and take a photo)

Not a care in the world.

Not a care in the world.

Hey… so tomorrow is the “International Day of Happiness” so I would like to ask you the reader to also join in, and celebrate with me. You can find out a little more about it just click here. Please get out tomorrow and enjoy the day and take a photo or lots of photos of something in your life that makes you happy. Then don’t stop there, post those photos to social media of your choice and share with the world. I’m am fortunate enough that I can do just that, for my friend network reaches literally around the world. If you are a friend on my Facebook page you see some postings from my friends that are in other languages, most being Thai. Yes I have a lot of friends in Thailand, my wife is Thai and I love Thailand so much. But I have friendships in China that date back several years now. We communicate through various forms of social media whether it be Skype, Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook, although the Chinese government does not allow Facebook. I remember standing in Shanghai and using my mobile phone just as I would here in the USA. Matter of fact I could call the USA from Sprint phone and talk with no problem at all. But try to bring up Facebook and you get a gray screen with red letters that said something to the effect that the Republic of China does not allow access to this website. Now that right there is scary! You really have to experience it for yourself to feel the full effect.

Anyway… let’s get back to happiness. So tomorrow you are going to; at some point in the day take a photo of something that makes you happy. It could be a photo of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, even you children. Maybe your pet dog or cats. Maybe your car or motorcycle, it could be anything. Maybe going out to lunch for your favorite food. Maybe a selfie of you with your favorite outfit that makes you feel happy. I think you are starting to get the idea. Life is too short and you never know what is lurking around the next turn in the road of life. Sure we cannot be happy all the time, hell if I was happy all the time I would just puke. lol Sometimes we have sadness come to our lives and we have to embrace it, we have no choice. Life is full of positives and negatives, up & down, black & white, day & night and so on. Anybody who says they are never sad is never really truly happy. You have to take the good with the bad. But attitude is a choice and tomorrow you are going to get up and choose to have a happy attitude and take a photo of something that makes you happy. Don’t worry about Friday… everybody is always happy on Friday because it is… Friday. Just worry about Thursday.

For me I like to take photos, I think you all pretty much know that by now. So I will have my camera on hand and I will take a photo of something or someone. I’ll blog about it and post it to social media. Just make a choice tomorrow, it can’t hurt.