A Pose Can speak Volumes (Just the fact that he has his arms crossed makes a statement.)

Athlete/Bodybuilder Nixlot Dameus

Athlete/Bodybuilder Nixlot Dameus

I was really happy with this final composite portrait of Nixlot Dameus. I felt the background really brought the whole image together nicely. I had completed this a few weeks ago and although I had posted it to Instagram earlier I wanted to wait to post to my blog because I just wanted the image to rest in my mind for a few weeks. Many times in the past I have taken my time to complete a composite then I would post it soon after. But many times (not all) I would see something that needed to be changed, either a simple mistake that maybe only I could see or maybe something that wasn’t really a mistake, but rather I felt it would look better another way. A mistake could be something as simple as a ray of light that was out of position or maybe not a mistake but I would feel the images would be better with a blueish night cast rather than the yellowish cast of light.

In this image I was torn between the poses, of course you would not know that I had two similar poses, one with the hands tucked in as you see here and the other was with his hands on the outside of his forearms. This is actually a critical thing because it is “body language” and both create a little different feel and vibe. Just the fact that he has his arms crossed makes a statement. Body language plays a lot in posing and while some people will automatically pose a certain way it could be the way they feel at that moment or about the situation at hand. In this case Brendan another photographer who was assisting with lighting suggested the crossed arms, then came my decision as to “hands showing or not showing,” so I shot Nixlot both ways. With the hands not showing it gives a sense of a warrior holding a shield, blocking or defensive. If you know Nixlot’s story and the road his life has traveled, when he was a small boy he spent many a battle on the defensive side.

I am by no means an expert on body language however I do have a one up on my people because I was exposed to it in-depth by a very interesting person whom I met in the early nineties. Ironically enough he had the same name as me “Richard Smith” and of course there is a long story for another day on how our universes came to connect, but none the less we became friends for a period of time and Rich would talk about body language and from that time of my life forward I would look closer at people. I would and still do use it as a tool when approaching people. If anybody read my blog post from 2014 when I was detained at the Laos border while traveling and could not leave to go back to Thailand, needless to say I was stressed. I was told to go talk to a police officer, problem is Laos is a horribly corrupt country and it is all about ripping of American & European travelers. So I am looking for a policeman who can help me and the first one I see is putting off body language that essentially says “who is my next victim?” His overall demeanor spoke volumes and needless to say I steered clear. Also I think everybody can feel vibes and read body language to big degree but then you also have the age-old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and any smart person know how 100% true that can be. Still body language will win out when you are trying to connect with that hot girl and she won’t give you the time of day. You can tell her feel by her actions and yes her body language.

So till next time… thank you everybody and tanks for taking the time to read.