Autumn Walkway ( just driving up & down Princeton using my computer until I found it.)

Hand held HDR of a walkway in Princeton New Jersey in the autumn.

Hand held HDR of a walkway in Princeton New Jersey in the autumn.

I really like this image I captured this morning while traveling through Princeton New Jersey with my wife. I like the image, but it could be better. Truth be told I did tweak the yellow just a little in Photoshop and the photo is a “hand held” HDR. For those who are not photography geeks should know an HDR image is most times captured using a tripod and it is a combination of under exposure, normal exposure and over exposure images all merged in Photoshop.

So why not use a tripod? And why do I not love the image? Like most landscape images you never really capture the “wow” factor the first time out to the location and this time was no different. I want to capture the day when there is a carpet of yellow leave blanketing the ground. So because it was not at its peak moment I decided to take a quick photo by hand holding the camera.

I first saw this location posted on a photo site three years ago and the caption read “Princeton Sidewalk.” I am familiar with Princeton because I live not far from there and I knew at some point I had walked past this place, but I could never really remember where it was. I used Google Earth Street View to actually locate it. And believe me that was not easy. I spent three different sessions on Google street view just driving up & down Princeton using my computer until I found it. And of course when I did find it, it was a big DUH!

So I will head back to the location in a few days for a second chance.


Scouting Autumn Photoshoot Locations (Princeton Battlefield Park)

Colonnade at Battlefield Park.

Colonnade at Battlefield Park.


Autumn is almost upon us and I have been scouting locations for autumn shoots. Yesterday I traveled to Princeton, New Jersey to check out the Battlefield Park. It is not a spectacular place by any stretch of the imagination, but it is very rich in American history. It was the battle of Princeton that was the end of George Washington long winter and a huge turning point for the American Revolution. Ok now that you have had your history lesson…

Battlefield Park consists of a large open area with Mercer Road running through the center. On one side is the “Clark House” that was used as a field hospital for the battle and on the other side is an open field with a “colonnade” or portico. And behind the portico is a monument for 15 unknown British and American soldiers. The portico or colonnade as it is called has its own history. It was first used as an entrance to a building in Philadelphia and then it was moved to Mercer Mansion and served as the entrance to the mansion. When the mansion was demolished it was moved to the battlefield and erected as a monument to represent the entrance to the Revolution… or at least that is what I derived from the plaques posted. I feel I need to give that information to the reader because otherwise you would be as perplexed as me as to why the hell are there four white columns standing in the middle of a field… make no sense unless you know the reason.

The colonnade is a great place for a photo shoot. While I was scouting on Saturday I had seen a wedding shoot taking place. I wanted to do some HDR but the sun was too harsh and the wedding party was there. So I retreated (pardon the pun). I woke on Sunday and it was foggy and gray sky. I waited for the fog to lift and I found the park lifeless, perfect for me to check out the colonnade and get some nice HDR images that I will use as backgrounds for Photoshop composites.

Furthermore I still want to use the colonnade for a photo shoot and I’m going to contact the park and get all the info I need about permits and permissions. We’ll see what happens.

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