Photo of The Day (Thai Tractor/Truck)

Farm truck. 1/200 sec f/3.5 ISO 160 168mm

Farm truck. 1/200 sec f/3.5 ISO 160 168mm

I love this image and more so I loved capturing this image. It was late day and the sun was going down so most likely this man and his son are heading home from a hard day’s work. I was heading home too, we had been on the road for almost the whole day, traveling around photographing temples and other places. On the ride back I opted for riding in the back of the pickup truck because I knew I could get some nice shots of something… and I did.

Photo of The Day “Her Hat” (… she looked forward to wearing the hat while out in the sun …)

Her Hat

1/640 sec at f/5.0 ISO 100 200mm on a Canon EF70-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM lens


“Her Hat” is a personal favorite of mine. It is a “Lao” style hat that was given to my wife (who is a Thai lady) whose family is of Laotian descent. On this particular day I had taken her to a large vegetable farm so she could spend the day picking all the special peppers and Asian eggplants that she so much loves. Most times she will meet up with a friend/s and it becomes more of a social event, but with the focus on picking the veggies.

The image is a favorite because it is from a fun day. She is having fun and I am too. I will spend the day walking the vast acreage of the farm looking for something to photograph or just talking with someone I may meet. As for the hat? I remember the day her friend gave her the hat and she loved it because while being a Thai person and living here in the USA you do not see Lao style things such as hats or clothing that often. She talked in the days leading up to the veggie picking day that she looked forward to wearing the hat while out in the sun and how she would look as if she was back home in Thailand. And she did. Actually I have more photos of her walking down the dusty dirt roads on the farm carrying bags of vegetables and you would think she was in Thailand or Laos.

So in the end it may not be that interesting of an image to most, but it reminds me of a great summer day.

The image was captured on a using a Canon T1i and a Canon EF70-300 f/4-5.6 IS USM lens at 1/640 sec at f/5.0 ISO 100 200mm. Original was done in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 with Nik Color Efex Pro.3 .

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Heading To Thailand for 28 days. (scenes from 2012 trip)

1/125 sec at f/5.6 ISO 100 200mm

1/125 sec at f/5.6 ISO 100 200mm


So what will I see on this trip to Thailand? I hope to see a lot of friends and family. But aside from that I hope to shoot some really nice HDR photography. I shot some HDR in 2012 and while it was very good and I was so pleased with my results, this year I have a much better camera body. The 6D will shoot at 50 ISO which is super clean. In addition to the camera I have learned even more about HDR and more about how to edit those nice images.

And I have other projects on my bucket list for this trek, one being some “long exposure” photography. I have a 10 stop Neutral Density filter that may come in real handy while I’m trekking around the islands. Oh yeah I’m getting excited just thinking about what I can do with that filter. I also have a Hoya 77mm R72 Infrared Filter that would be great to play with.

But there really is a goal to come back with some awesome images that will be specifically for use as backgrounds. These backgrounds will be used to create final images using the studio shots of models, Kendall Strampel & Cynthia Ann. Who knows I may not find anything worthy and have to look elsewhere?

Most of all I know I will capture images of interesting people and Thai culture. Village life is always fascinating, at least to me. Temples are fun for HDR too.

So I leave you with some images of my last trek to Thailand.