TFP Model Info

Kendall Stampel actress/model

Kendall Strampel actress/model/Youtuber  (TFP Head Shot) 2014

Model; Zhan NYC Street Shoot 2018

I put this information up to help models that are new to MM and have little to no experience and would like to get moving to building their portfolio with some simple, yet quality head & body shots. Most models start their portfolio on MM with whatever photos they happen to have which most times are outdated and are not of portfolio quality. But we all understand that we have to start somewhere. So if you want to fast track to some quality shots with me, here are my suggestions and info.

Ok so as a photographer I hear the horror stories about the new models coming on to MM and they get blasted with all the creeps looking for a cheap thrill. Or as I call them “Guy with Camera.” Beware of GWC, most times his port looks as if it was shot with his iPhone. Most times GWC is looking for nude shots and he may play cool till he gets you to the shoot. He may even shoot regular photos but will soon turn up the heat to pressure you for nudes. Please know there are good photographers on MM.

Model Shantae Taylor

Model Shantae Taylor 2016

If you contact me or if I have contacted you this is where we will start. I will do TFP (Time For Print) under the following conditions.

  1. You must communicate. As soon as you feel comfortable give me an email address. As we move closer a phone number and text messaging is so much easier and quicker than MM messages. If you do not communicate I will lose interest in you.
  2. Go and look at my Instagram or website to see what I actually do.
  3. I have one big rule when it comes to a photo shoot. We must have fun. If it is not fun we are doing something wrong. I like what I do and I like everybody on the set or in the studio to have fun. I will not lie, I am a big mean looking guy to some, but you will soon see I am lighthearted and easy to talk to. I am a people person, I have to be a people person, because people are my business.
  4. Wardrobe, makeup & hair; Most times I will leave this up to the model. Your shoot will be as good as you can make it. I’m going to create great photos from what you provide and put in front of my lens. You do not have to have fancy wardrobe for a great shoot. Good makeup and hair with posing will overshadow wardrobe. If you do your own makeup & hair that is fine. Again we’ll work with what we have to work with.
  5. I am not Guy with Camera, I am coming to the shoot with Canon Pro gear in my bag. What that means is; my camera bag and equipment is not cheap, I have several thousand dollars invested in photo gear that I’ll be working your shoot with.
  6. I never ask for nudes and I do not shoot nudes as TFP. Nudes or boudoir is something I do on a paid basis and I keep it off of MM.
  7. I rarely ever actually touch a model with my hands. Only when she is in danger of falling or getting hurt. Or I may lend a friendly hand to help her up or down as any gentleman should.
  8. Although it is not required I request models have escorts when shooting alone. It gives her a level of comfort to have her friend or boyfriend at the shoot. I want my model to be as comfortable as possible, as it makes for a great shoot. While I welcome escorts & friends they must know they are only there for support and not to direct. If they direct or become annoying the shoots ends quickly.
  9. I will shoot with under age models as long as a parent or guardian is present at all times.
  • All models sign a model release, end of story. If you don’t sign a model release form the images are deleted. The model release protects both of us. It simply states that you allowed me to capture & edit images of you on said day & time.
  • Your first shoot with me is a test shoot. You will get quality retouched shots as promised. I am a photo retoucher and I edit all my own work. But it will be a rather simple shoot and not a project shoot. If I find we work well together and you seem up to it I have no problem planning a project shoot and that can be a lot of fun.
1/125 sec at f/4.5 ISO 100 168mm

Model Bree Arkham 2015

So please contact me, I would love to hear from you. We will get past the first shoot and move on to a project shoot. Please know I can be very busy, but if I give you a date to shoot I will be there. Please know TFP (Time For Print) means exactly that “nobody is getting paid” and we (you, me and hair & makeup artist) all putting forth effort to capture great images. I will use the images in my portfolio and Photoshop work, you will use the images in your portfolio as will the hair & makeup artist and anyone else who put forth effort to produce the images (example; designers, stylists ect…).


Posing: This is where many new models lack experience. Posing comes natural to some and others have to work at it. If you lack experience in posing do not worry. More important than posing for me is for the model to be able to take direction. If you can take direction well, I can lead you to the poses. I am by no means a modeling coach and I don’t profess to be, I will work with you and at any level of experience you have. I am fully aware if I am working with a TFP model most likely she is not a professional.

Model Danny Sturdavant 2015

Model Danny Sturdavant 2015


Nervous? Who isn’t; as I stated before, it is all about having fun. It is TFP shoot if it doesn’t go as expected we do it again. With that said, I personally treat every TFP shoot as if it were a paid job. I plan, I confirm times and dates and I communicate. So let’s have fun and capture some great images.

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