Pay For Privacy (oh you ignorant clown)

The Clown

So I haven’t posted anything to my blog in a week or so. And rightfully so, I have been busy with the “tax” thing and that is always depressing, along with the depth of the winter weather and being ill with a horrible sinus infection. This is the time of year when I when I really start to feel the cabin fever. Also been busy catching up on my lessons. Just last night I sat through a Typography class over at KelbyOne. Scott is a wonderful teacher really has a knack for keeping it funny and 100% learning at the same time. Who knew there was so much to learn about type in Photoshop?

So I wanted this post to be something about photography, but I just cannot let this one go without a comment or two… or three or four. So I set the photography aside.

While listening to the news today I caught just a glimpse of the ugliness that is to come. I heard a very brief story about “privacy with your cell phone” or as the rest of the world calls them; mobile phones. The story went on to detail that communication companies are starting to take into consideration “your (the customer) privacy.” They (the companies) are starting to consider how much it will hurt their bottom line numbers. After Snowden out-ed the US government for spying on you the everyday person, people are really starting to care about privacy with their communication devices. So ok… let’s just stop right there because the shit is getting too deep.

It is all a big spin, nobody cares about you. If you think a communications company gives a rat’s ass about you… oh you ignorant clown. See this is how I see it. The contracts for personal communication devices have been coming down and will continue to fall. You have Sprint getting ready to make the push to get back to the top and that will really make the market fall. You’ll be getting mobile phone contracts in the cereal box soon. So communication companies have to come up with a new plan to get more money out of “you” the customer (remember they care about you). See the last big nothing was the so called 4G network scam. Oh I know you’re on a 4G network because a little blinky comes up on your phone that says “4G,” and we know that has to be true because… well it just has to be true I pay more money for that little blinky and they wouldn’t lie to me… right?

So the next big thing hauling ass down the pike and headed straight for your wallet or purse is “pay for privacy.” Will you be the sucker they want you to be? Will you fall for the new “privacy network” scam. After all you don’t want anybody to overhear you conversations, do you? Now please do not take this the wrong way. I’m certainly all for less government and by all means for more privacy. But there is a line between privacy and secrecy. If I want true privacy I will talk to you in person… ha, talk to you in person, what a novel idea… Seriously though I really don’t understand what it is that people are talking about in their cell phone conversations that have to be so private. Maybe I’m just so boring, if you listen to my conversations you’re going to hear me talking to my wife about everyday life. Or I know you may hear me placing an order for raw pigs for my BBQ catering business or talking to a photography client… yeah some pretty big juicy stuff there. I guess everybody else is talking about overthrowing the world and they certainly need to keep the pizza order private. Really, I’m not joking here, what is it that people are so worried about? And now they will sucker up and pay the money for privacy. I remember a long time ago joking around at the gas station I was working at the time, saying things like “someday they’ll charge for air & water” and now we pay for both. Best of all we love it. So first the communication companies set you up to have your privacy raped by the government and now you’ll pay to have another little blinky on your phone that will let you have a peace of mind when you telling your boss you’ll be late for work. Meanwhile Dick Cheney is laughing his ass off. Why Dick Cheney? I don’t know why? But all the Libitards love when the blame is placed on ole DC. And for all you conspiracy theorists; come on what’s wrong with you guys… didn’t you know Snowden was bought by AT&T to out the government? You know it like when the flu vaccine manufacturer has somebody walk through five of the world’s largest airports and disperse a little something in the air… it’s all good for business. Ok sheeples, till next time.

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